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Bear Acuda
Varieties: 8
Highest Rarity: 10
Lowest Rarity: 2
The Brrrgh

Sleet Street
Walrus Way
Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres

Bear Acuda are a genus of fish found in Toontown Rewritten. There are currently 8 species of Bear Acuda. Toons most often find Bear Acuda fish in The Brrrgh, though some may be found in ToonFest Area and Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres.


Based off of

The Bear Acuda's name is a pun off a barracuda fish, and based off a bear.


The following are species of Bear Acuda.[1][2]

Fish Species Rarity Best Location Value (Jellybeans) Weight Rod
Brown Bear Acuda Very Common (2) The Brrrgh, ToonFest Area, Acorn Acres 11-18 JB 10-18 lbs Hardwood
Black Bear Acuda Common (3) The Brrrgh 15-21 JB 10-18 lbs Hardwood
Koala Bear Acuda Common (4) The Brrrgh 18-26 JB 10-18 lbs Hardwood
Honey Bear Acuda Rare (5) The Brrrgh, ToonFest Area, Acorn Acres 23-29 JB 10-18 lbs Hardwood
Polar Bear Acuda Rare (6) The Brrrgh, ToonFest Area 29-35 JB 12-20 lbs Hardwood
Panda Bear Acuda Very Rare (7) The Brrrgh 36-40 JB 14-20 lbs Steel
Kodiac Bear Acuda Very Rare (8) Sleet Street, ToonFest Area, The Brrrgh 41-45 JB 14-20 lbs Steel
Grizzly Bear Acuda Ultra Rare (10) Walrus Way, The Brrrgh, Acorn Acres 55-58 JB 16-20 lbs Steel


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