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Bear is one of eleven Toon species that players may create when entering Create-a-Toon.

Head and muzzle

Bears have four distinct head and muzzle sizes.

Side normal bear head.jpgNormal bear head.jpg Side large muzzle bear head.jpgLarge muzzle bear head.jpg Side large bear head.jpgLarge bear head.jpg Side large bear large head.jpgLarge head large bear head.jpg
Small head, small muzzle Small head, big muzzle Big head, small muzzle Big head, big muzzle

Notable bears

For a full list, see Category:Bears.

Notable bears include Paula Behr, Bumpy Bumblebehr, and Doctor Fumbdound.

Unique characteristics

Main page: Polar Bear

Bears have the ability to become a Polar Bear during the Twelve Days of Winter by speaking to Doctor Surlee at Tutorial Terrace.


One word
Two words
Multiple words


  • When bears use the "Angry" animation, they make the exclamatory sound.


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