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Riggy Marole handing out bean bags all over ToonFest.

Bean bags are special bags that were introduced since ToonFest 2015. A bean bag works similarly to treasures, but will reward jellybeans rather than laff. Along with bean bags, there are also bags that reward ToonFest tokens. These bags will float above the ground while rotating clockwise. When touching a bag, it disappears, and the Toon is given its content.

The idea of bean bags was made by Taylor, who won the "Prep for ToonFest" contest hosted from July 9, 2015 to July 27, 2015.

Location and varieties

Bean bags and token bags are exclusively found in the ToonFest grounds where they occasionally appear in treasure spawn points after a treasure or a previous bag has been collected.

These bags will have an icon on it, showing its contents. For bean bags, it shows a colored jellybean. For token bags, it shows a token. Bean bags have a light brown colored bag and token bags have a dark brown colored bag to tell the difference between them.


Token bags all contain 10 or 20 tokens each. Beans bags, however, can contain 5 possible values. The color of the jellybean indicate the number of jellybeans in that bag. In addition to that, the higher the sum is, the larger the bag will be. When a bag is collected, how many jellybeans or tokens have been earned will be displayed on the bottom left of your screen.

The following indicate the amount of jellybeans given for bean bags:

Color Value
Green 5
Cyan 15
Orange 50
Red 100
Purple 500


  • The rarity depends on the value as the red, orange, and purple bean bag rarely appear in the ToonFest grounds, unlike the green and cyan bean bags which appears more often.
  • When ToonFest 2015 began, bean bags replaced the treasures in Toon Tag. This bug was fixed on September 27, as part of a series of bugfixes and tweaks.
  • If a Toon's jellybean jar and jellybean bank are full, they will not be able to collect a bean bag.
  • Bean bags share spawn points with the treasures scattered across the ToonFest grounds.
  • In most blog posts, Toontown Rewritten mistakenly refers to token bags as "bean bags" since Taylor's concept idea only involved jellybeans.


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