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Baritone Boulevard
Baritone Boulevard Tunnel
Business on this street is booming and deep!
Minnie's Melodyland
Leads to
Sleet Street
General information
Minimum Cog level: 2
Maximum Cog level: 6
Maximum building floors: 4 floors
Maximum building Cog level: 9
Cog type rarity
0% 0% 90% 10%

Baritone Boulevard is one of the three streets connected to Minnie's Melodyland. It leads to Sleet Street. This street and Seaweed Street have the highest Cashbot populations of any street in the game.

The Fisherman on the street is Fisherman Larry.


  1. Toon Tunes (June Loon)
  2. Lousy Lyrics Discount Sheet Music (Hedy)
  3. Double Reed Bookstore (August Winds)
  4. Sing Solo We Can't Hear You! (Quiet Francesca)
  5. Vocal Chords Braided (Thelma Throatreacher)
  6. Accordions If You Want In, Just Bellow! (Steffi Squeezebox)
  7. The Baritone Barber (Barry)
  8. White Noise for Girls and Boys Socks & Underwear (Holly Hiss)
  9. Haydn Go Seek Playground Supplies (Jungle Jim)
  10. Name That Toon (John Doe)
  11. Overture Understudies (Penny Prompter)
  12. Harp Tarps Sharp! (Charlie Carp)
  13. Madrigal Motor Homes (Moe Madrigal)
  14. Chopin Blocks (And Other Kitchen Supplies) (Curtis Finger)
  15. Sonata Your Fault! Discount Auto Insurance (Sid Sonata)
  16. Four-Part Harmonicas (Wilma Wind)
  17. Canticle Your Fancy Gift Shop (Leed Guitar)
  18. B-Sharp Fine Menswear (Handsome Anton)
  19. C-Flat Tire Repair (Gummy Whistle)
  20. Her and Hymn Wedding Planners (Hedly Hymn)
  21. Hurry Up, Slow Polka! School of Driving (Tim Tailgater)
  22. On Ballet! Quality Climbing Equipment (Tina Toehooks)
  23. Doppler's Sound Effects Studio (Fran Foley)
  24. Etude, Brute? Shakespearian Theatre Company (Julius Wheezer)
  25. Zither Here Nor There (Detective Dirge)
  26. Tina's Concertina Concerts (Tina)
  27. I Can Handel It! Luggage and Travel Accessories (Carl Concerto)
  28. Timbre! Equipment for the Singing Lumberjack (Lumber Jack)
  29. The Schmaltzy Waltz School of Dance (Corny Canter)


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