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|playground = Minnie's Melodyland
|name = Baritone Boulevard
|image = Baritone Boulevard Tunnel.jpg
|goesto = Sleet Street
|mincog = 2
|maxcog = 6
|maxbldg = 4
|bldgcog = 9
|bossbot = 0
|lawbot = 0
|cashbot = 90
|sellbot = 10}}
'''Baritone Boulevard''' is one of the three streets connected to [[Minnie's Melodyland]]. It leads to [[Sleet Street]]. This street and Seaweed Street have the highest Cashbot populations of any street in the game.
The [[Fisherman]] on the street is [[Fisherman Larry]].
# [[Toon Tunes]] ([[June Loon|''June Loon'']])
# [[Lousy Lyrics Discount Sheet Music]] ([[Hedy|''Hedy'']])
# [[Double Reed Bookstore]] ([[August Winds|''August Winds'']])
# [[Sing Solo We Can't Hear You!]] ([[Quiet Francesca|''Quiet Francesca'']])
# [[Vocal Chords Braided]] ([[Thelma Throatreacher|''Thelma Throatreacher'']])
# [[Accordions If You Want In, Just Bellow!]] ([[Steffi Squeezebox|''Steffi Squeezebox'']])
# [[The Baritone Barber]] ([[Barry|''Barry'']])
# [[White Noise for Girls and Boys Socks & Underwear]] ([[Holly Hiss|''Holly Hiss'']])
# [[Haydn Go Seek Playground Supplies]] ([[Jungle Jim|''Jungle Jim'']])
# [[Name That Toon]] ([[John Doe|''John Doe'']])
# [[Overture Understudies]] ([[Penny Prompter|''Penny Prompter'']])
# [[Harp Tarps Sharp!]] ([[Charlie Carp|''Charlie Carp'']])
# [[Madrigal Motor Homes]] ([[Moe Madrigal|''Moe Madrigal'']])
# [[Chopin Blocks (And Other Kitchen Supplies)]] ([[Curtis Finger|''Curtis Finger'']])
# [[Sonata Your Fault! Discount Auto Insurance]] ([[Sid Sonata|''Sid Sonata'']])
# [[Four Part Harmonicas|Four-Part Harmonicas]] ([[Wilma Wind|''Wilma Wind'']])
# [[Canticle Your Fancy Gift Shop]] ([[Leed Guitar|''Leed Guitar'']])
# [[B-Sharp Fine Menswear]] ([[Handsome Anton|''Handsome Anton'']])
# [[C-Flat Tire Repair]] ([[Gummy Whistle|''Gummy Whistle'']])
# [[Her and Hymn Wedding Planners]] ([[Hedly Hymn|''Hedly Hymn'']])
# [[Hurry Up, Slow Polka! School of Driving]] ([[Tim Tailgater|''Tim Tailgater'']])
# [[On Ballet! Quality Climbing Equipment]] ([[Tina Toehooks|''Tina Toehooks'']])
# [[Doppler's Sound Effects Studio]] ([[Fran Foley|''Fran Foley'']])
# [[Etude, Brute? Shakespearian Theatre Company]] ([[Julius Wheezer|''Julius Wheezer'']])
# [[Zither Here Nor There]] ([[Detective Dirge|''Detective Dirge'']])
# [[Tina's Concertina Concerts]] ([[Tina|''Tina'']])
# [[I Can Handel It! Luggage and Travel Accessories]] ([[Carl Concerto|''Carl Concerto'']])
# [[Timbre! Equipment for the Singing Lumberjack]] ([[Lumber Jack|''Lumber Jack'']])
# [[The Schmaltzy Waltz School of Dance]] ([[Corny Canter|''Corny Canter'']])
Baritone Boulevard Street.png
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