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Barbecue Headquarters was an April Fools prank on April Toons Week in 2015 when Flippy announced that he supposedly discovered an area known as "BBQHQ".[1] This led Toons to believe that Bossbot Headquarters would be arriving. Instead, the dark charcoal tunnel became the entrance to ToonFest 2014 renamed as Barbecue Headquarters.


  • Barbecue Headquarters is abbreviated as BBQHQ. The only difference between the abbreviation for Bossbot Headquarters and Barbecue Headquarters is that they just added the Q into Bossbot Headquarters (abbreviated as BBHQ).
  • Flippy was wearing a Chef's Chapeau at Barbecue Headquarters, which is why he was most likely known as the C.H.E.F.. He also had his pet doodle, Fluffy, with him.
  • The above image reveals Fluffy sensing that home is near, likely hinting towards the existence of doodles somewhere near ToonFest. At the area, Fluffy even said "I can smell them! They're coming soon!".




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