The Bamboo Rod is the second fishing rod that can be purchased in Clarabelle's Cattlelog for 400 jellybeans. It is used to catch fish at the cost of two jellybeans per cast. The largest weight of fish that the rod can catch is 8 pounds.

As an advanced fishing rod, it is capable of catching fish in the lower categories.

The fishing rod comes in Clarabelle's Cattlelog 4 Series 1 and can show up in future cattlelogs until purchased.

Catchable fish

Name Location(s) Rarity
Alaskan King Crab The Brrrgh Very Rare (7)
Alley Cat Fish Lullaby Lane Common (4)
Crescent Moon Fish Lullaby Lane Rare (6)
Dog Fish Donald's Dock Very Common (1)
Frozen Fish The Brrrgh Very Common (1)
Half Moon Fish Lullaby Lane Very Rare (8)
Holey Mackerel Estate Extremely Rare (9)
Kiddie Pool Shark Daisy Gardens Rare (5)
Olympic Pool Shark Daisy Gardens Very Rare (7)
Rock Star Fish Estate Very Rare (7)
Swimming Pool Shark Daisy Gardens Rare (6)
Tom Cat Fish Donald's Dreamland Very Common (2)


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