April Toons Week is an event that begins on April 1st and ends on April 8th. The first week of April marks the time where Toontown's silly levels rise at grand proportions. The event is based on April Fool's Day, which is celebrated in many countries on the first day of April.

The most common forms of silliness that happen during this event are lower gravity, jumbled up Toon sounds, and cheesy effects going haywire. Depending on the year, Toontown may sometimes become even wackier with a new form of silliness. The list of wacky happenings each year have been identified below.

Wacky happenings

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  • Sir Max changes a Toontown community website called Toonbook to "Maxbook", accompanied by many of his selfies as avatars among users.
  • The buildings in the playgrounds lose gravity.
  • Scientists from Loony Labs open up the Pet Shops.
  • Toon Statues from the estates dance continuously.
  • Fluffy appears in multiple buildings across the streets in search of Flippy.[5]
  • The buildings in the playgrounds lose gravity.
  • Toon Statues from the estates dance continuously.
  • Silly Particles increase at a limit of 50 for Toons to collect, and are worth double in value.[6]
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April Toons Week Theme
Toontown Rewritten Theme April Toons Week


  • There was bug that caused some Toons to experience the wacky effects changing every 3 seconds rather than every minute like it was supposed to, which has since been fixed.
  • "Big Legs" and "No Color" were the only cheesy effects that did not take place during the event in 2014.
  • Unlike other cheesy effects, the Green Toon, Pumpkin Head, and Snowman Head do not take part in this event. In 2014, the only special effect that took part in the event was Roger Dog.
  • The blog post titled "When Gravity Falls" is a pun off of a Disney show called Gravity Falls that Joey likes.
  • The Pick-a-Toon background has the shape of a pig's head rather than Mickey's head, as well as an upside down text and a mashup of new colors.
  • According to Joey, the April Toons Week theme was inspired by Weirdmageddon from Gravity Falls.
  • It is possible to jump onto buildings whenever they are floating, as Toons also lose gravity and can jump higher.
  • During April Toons Week, the silliness allows doodles to speak just like Toons, and often express their moods more clearly.


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