April Toons' Week is an annual event which starts on April 1st and ends soon afterwards, depending on the year. It is a time when Toons play practical jokes, and hilarious features such as low gravity are implemented. The event is based on April Fools' Day which is celebrated in many countries on the first day of April.



  • Gravity everywhere in Toontown was lowered, allowing Toons to jump higher.
  • Walking in the streets would sometimes trigger a Grand Piano to fall from the sky and crush you. When that happens, McQuack says "Whoops! My bad!".
  • Toons would have a random Toon species sound each play session rather than their own species.
  • Every minute a random effect would be applied to your Toon. This includes:


  • The same features from 2014 such as gravity being lowered and random effects returned. The gravity was lowered at all playgrounds, Barbecue Headquarters, and the estate.
  • Barbecue Headquarters (or BBQHQ) was released. This was a prank by the team that made Toons think that Bossbot Headquarters was being released. However, the dark-charcoal tunnel led to ToonFest renamed as Barbecue Headquarters. Just like ToonFest, both Flippy and Fluffy remain at the pie stand. Flippy wore a Chef's Chapeau at the time, and mentioned the continued efforts of Team LHAAFBBHQ.
  • Similar to 2014, Toons would have a random Toon species sound. The only difference being it changed whenever a new area was entered. However, Toons could still get random species sounds without entering a new area.

When Gravity Falls

Main page: Gravitational Anomalies

When Gravity Falls (Official) (MCF) was a major update to April Toons' Week of 2015 that was introduced on April 5th. The update brought the addition of floating buildings, due to "Gravitational Mishaps" and "Silly Levels" being too high. The buildings affected were Toon Hall, Toontown Library, Toontown Bank, the BBQ Tower, and the Toon Headquarters in every other playground. Toons would also be able to jump higher in playgrounds until the gravity turned on again and all the buildings would go back down.


  • The random transformations, random animal sounds, and anti-gravity anomalies returned.
  • The Pet Shops from all over Toontown opened. This was a prank by the team that made Toons think that doodles were being released. However, inside the Pet Shop was Professor Prepostera (Toontown Central only), Doctor Dimm, and the Silly Meter. Talking to Professor Prepostera in the Toontown Central Pet Shop would allow you to do special Loony Labs ToonTasks that reward you the Loony Labs Shirt and Cog Buster Outfit.
  • The Pick-A-Toon screen had the shape of a pig's head rather than Mickey's head, new colors, an upside down text at the top, and a brand new theme. The theme can be heard here.
  • Toon Statues from the estates are seen doing the dance animation.


  • During April Toons' Week in 2014, Sir Max changed Toonbook to Maxbook. The background image was changed, as well as the logo and everybody's profile picture was changed to some of Sir Max's selfies.
  • There was bug in 2014 that caused some Toons to experience the wacky effects changing every 3 seconds rather than every minute like it was supposed to.
  • Big Legs and No Color were the only regular Toon effects that didn't take part in the 2014 prank caused by Sir Max.
  • Unlike other effects, Green Toon, Pumpkin Head and Snowman Head do not take part in this event. In 2014, the only special effect that took part in the event was Roger Dog.
  • The 2015 update "When Gravity Falls" is a pun off of a Disney show called Gravity Falls that Sir Max likes.
  • According to Joey, the 2016 theme song was inspired by Weirdmageddon from Gravity Falls.


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