April Toons' Week is a period between the 1st and 9th of April where wacky and silly things happen. April Toons' Week celebrates April Fools Day by having a week long celebration and could feature anything from super low gravity to random animal noises.

2014 Features


  • This year, Sir Max changed Toonbook to Maxbook. The background image was changed, as well as the logo and everybody's profile picture was changed to some of Sir Max's selfies.
  • In Daily Alpha Update: A Way Too Wacky Week[1], Shockley states: "Now, all we can do is hope that this "April Toons Week" thing doesn't catch on. Oof, can you imagine having to experience this again next year?" hinting at the fact this is likely to be annual. In the patch notes, it also mentions: "Let's hope that it won't happen again next year!".
  • There was bug this year that cause some toons to experience the wacky effects changing every 3 seconds rather than every minute like it was supposed to.
  • Big Feet and White Toon were the only regular Toon Effects that didn't take part in the prank caused by Sir Max.
  • Green Toon, Pumpkin Head and Snowman Head all didn't take part in the prank caused by Sir Max. The only special Toon Effect that took part in the prank was Roger Dog.


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