An "active NPC", also known as active non-player character or ANPC, is an NPC Toon that is played by an actual human. So far, active NPCs have only been played by members of the Toontown Rewritten Team. This means that a staff member chooses to role-play as a specific character for certain special events. When not played by an actual human, they are controlled by a computer program and act as normal NPCs.

Active NPCs are just like other players, except with an icon for identification. However, they seem incapable of allowing players to add them as friends.


Name of origin

The term "active NPC" was created by users of the Toontown Rewritten Wiki. Another term known as "staff player character" had also contributed to the thought process of creating this page. However, it was decided that "active NPC" was the best option.

You can find the discussion threads regarding the term from "NPC and SPC" or "NPCs (Non Playable Character) and the SPCs (Staff Played Character)".

Note that in old tabletop RPGs, the Game Master (or referee) would play the part of all the NPCs and sometimes take control of other players to move the story forward.


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