Accuracy[1] is a property of gags, which determines the probability of them hitting a Cog, or Toons in the case of Toon-Up. It is shown upon scrolling over a gag on the gag interface, which can be seen in Cog battles, in the "Gags" page of the Shticker Book, or by pressing the default Home button on the keyboard.

A gag's accuracy can be low, medium, high, or perfect. Low is the lowest possible accuracy, and perfect ensures that the gag will never miss. These categories are associated with a percentage, which is not shown in the game's user interface.

Calculating accuracy

Accuracy is calculated using the following formula:

atkAcc = propAcc + trackExp + tgtDef + bonus


atkAcc is the final result after the four aforementioned variables are evaluated. Once atkAcc was determined, it will be compared to a pseudo-RNG that rolls a number from 0-99. If atkAcc is greater than the RNG, it is given an atkHit value of 1 and will hit. Otherwise, the gag is given an atkHit value of 0 and will miss.

Special rules

  1. When a Trap gag is used, atkAcc is automatically set to 100, and atkHit is set to 1.
  2. For all other gags, if atkAcc exceeds 95, it will automatically be reduced to 95.


propAcc is the base accuracy of the gag being used. For all gag tracks besides Toon-Up and Lure, all gags in the same track have the same propAcc value. Below are charts consisting of propAcc values for every track, excluding Trap.


Image Feather Icon.png Megaphone Icon.png Lipstick Icon.png Bamboo Cane Icon.png Pixie Dust Icon.png Juggling Cubes Icon.png High Dive Icon.png
Gag Feather Megaphone Lipstick Bamboo Cane Pixie Dust Juggling Cubes High Dive
propAcc 70 70 70 70 70 70 100*

*The base accuracy value for High Dive is 100 but a gag's maximum base accuracy cannot exceed over 95.


Banana Peel Icon.png
Rake Icon.png
Marbles Icon.png
Quicksand Icon.png
Trapdoor Icon.png
TNT Icon.png
Railroad Icon.png
Gag Banana Peel Rake Marbles Quicksand Trapdoor TNT Railroad
propAcc 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


$1 Bill Icon.png
Small Magnet Icon.png
$5 Bill Icon.png
Big Magnet Icon.png
$10 Bill Icon.png
Hypno Goggles Icon.png
Presentation Icon.png
Gag $1 Bill Small Magnet $5 Bill Big Magnet $10 Bill Hypno Goggles Presentation
propAcc 50 50 60 60 70 70 90
Organic propAcc 60 60 70 70 80 80 100*

*The organic base accuracy value for Presentation is 100 but a gag's maximum base accuracy cannot exceed over 95.


Bike Horn Icon.png
Whistle Icon.png
Bugle Icon.png
Aoogah Icon.png
Elephant Trunk Icon.png
Foghorn Icon.png
Opera Singer Icon.png
Gag Bike Horn Whistle Bugle Aoogah Elephant Trunk Foghorn Opera Singer
propAcc 95 95 95 95 95 95 95


Cupcake Icon.png
Fruit Pie Slice Icon.png
Cream Pie Slice Icon.png
Whole Fruit Pie Icon.png
Whole Cream Pie Icon.png
Birthday Cake Icon.png
Wedding Cake Icon.png
Gag Cupcake Fruit Pie Slice Cream Pie Slice Whole Fruit Pie Whole Cream Pie Birthday Cake Wedding Cake
propAcc 75 75 75 75 75 75 75


Squirting Flower Icon.png
Glass of Water Icon.png
Squirt Gun Icon.png
Seltzer Bottle Icon.png
Fire Hose Icon.png
Storm Cloud Icon.png
Geyser Icon.png
Gag Squirting Flower Glass of Water Squirt Gun Seltzer Bottle Fire Hose Storm Cloud Geyser
propAcc 95 95 95 95 95 95 95


Flower Pot Icon.png
Sandbag Icon.png
Anvil Icon.png
Big Weight Icon.png
Safe Icon.png
Grand Piano Icon.png
Toontanic Icon.png
Gag Flower Pot Sandbag Anvil Big Weight Safe Grand Piano Toontanic
propAcc 50 50 50 50 50 50 50


trackExp is a value determined by the highest gag a Toon has unlocked in a track. If multiple gags of the same track (with the exception of Toon-Up and Trap) are used on the same target with the same target column, the highest trackExp value out of the Toons will be used for the accuracy calculation. Below is a chart for the trackExp value at each level.

Highest gag in a track trackExp
Level 1 0
Level 2 10
Level 3 20
Level 4 30
Level 5 40
Level 6 50
Level 7 60

Special rules

  1. If a Toon-Up gag is used, trackExp is halved for that gag.


tgtDef is a negative integer determined by the targeted Cog(s) level. Gags that target a single Cog will take the tgtDef value of that target alone. Gags that target multiple Cogs will take the tgtDef value of the highest level Cog in the group. Below is a chart consisting of tgtDef values for each level.

Cog level tgtDef
Level 1 -2
Level 2 -5
Level 3 -10
Level 4 -12*/-15
Level 5 -15*/-20
Level 6 -25
Level 7 -30
Level 8 -35
Level 9 -40
Level 10 -45
Level 11 -50
Level 12 -55

*Rank 1 Cogs used the tgtDef value with the asterisk for the marked levels.

Special rules

  1. If a Toon-Up gag is used, tgtDef is set to 0 for that gag.


bonus refers to two possible sources: PrevHits (commonly referred to as "stun bonus") and luredRatio.


In order for a gag to receive an accuracy bonus, it must meet both of the main conditions, and at least one of the sub-conditions.


  1. The previous attack hit.
  2. The previous attack was not the same track as the current.


  1. The previous attack affected the group.
  2. The current attack affects the group.
  3. The current and previous attacks affect the same target.

Assuming the conditions are met, PrevHits is incremented by the number of previous hits * 20 on the target(s) in the current round, with a bonus of +60 being possible with three prior hits.


The luredRatio bonus is given to all Sound gags and the Throw/Squirt level 7 gags when there is a mixed set of lured and un-lured Cogs on the field. It is calculated using the following formula.

luredRatio = ([number of Cogs lured]) / ([total Cogs on the field]) * 100


  • SOS cards had previously worked based on the accuracy formula. The RNG roll for the cards were automatically set to 0, resulting in Drop and Lure SOS missing or un-luring early. This was a bug causing the accuracy calculations to be too low to ensure that the SOS could work as intended. However, an update released on December 12, 2019 fixed this issue, allowing SOS cards to now possess 100% accuracy.[2]
  • Trap is the only gag track with perfect accuracy, but requires Lure to be used for a Trap gag to be activated.


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