The accessory trunk is a piece of furniture found in a Toon's house. Released on October 18, 2014[1], it stores all of the accessories a Toon has purchased from Clarabelle's Cattlelog inside it. When a Toon interacts with the accessory trunk, it will open and give them the option to change their hats, backpacks, glasses, and shoes. Just like the wardrobe, items can also be deleted.

The trunk costs 5 jellybeans to purchase (although all Toons on October 18th received one for free), and takes 24 hours to arrive. Only boys may purchase the boys' trunk, and only girls may purchase the girls' trunk. Accessories can be purchased without a trunk, but cannot be stored until the trunk is purchased. Accessory trunks can now hold up to 300 accessories as of May 2, 2019.



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