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Sir Max and two other Toons wearing different accessories on the day of their release.

Accessories are special form of cosmetics that were released on October 18, 2014.[1] Toons can mostly purchase accessories via Clarabelle's Cattlelog, and in some cases, retrieve accessories under certain circumstances like entering a code. These accessories include hats, glasses, backpacks, and shoes. While normal clothes are stored in a wardrobe, accessories are stored in an accessory trunk. The amount of jellybeans required to buy an accessory ranges from 250 to 10,000 jellybeans. New accessories are available every two months when a Toon receives a new Cattlelog. Just like normal clothes, accessories take an hour to arrive in a Toon's mailbox.

Accessory types

There are currently four types of accessories available for purchase from the Cattlelog. A Toon can interact with their accessory trunk to get a glimpse at how an accessory looks on them.


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Doughnut Hat

Hats are an accessory worn on the Toon's head. These accessories often make the Toon taller or appear larger. Specific examples of hats include the Santa Hat, as well as bows, tiaras, headpieces, top hats, and warm winter hats.


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Cog-Crusher Shades

Glasses are worn on the Toon's face. This accessory category is not limited to only glasses, but also includes certain types of glasses like the Blue Snowy Shades.


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Jellybean Bag

This accessory category includes items worn on the Toon's back, around their neck, or in front of their chest. Specific examples of backpacks include new scarves like the Perfectly Pink Scarf, as well as bowties and assorted backpacks.


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ToonFest 2015 Pink Attendee Shoes

Shoes are an accessory worn on the Toon's feet. There are many different kinds of shoes, including running shoes, boots, dress shoes, and loafers.


Every two months, the accessories in the Cattlelog change. See the following pages for more detailed information.


  • Accessories apparently belonged to a vengeful wizard by the name of Jack O' Kazam until Sir Max stole them for Toons to purchase.
  • When a specific holiday event is in session, items (like accessories) representing the theme of that holiday arrive in Clarabelle's Cattlelog.
  • Many accessories from Toontown Online were originally unavailable due to decisions made by Toontown Rewritten staff claiming that these accessories "did not fit well with the art style."[2] Due to popular demand, an update on September 1, 2017 brought back majority of these accessories, some of which have been retextured.
  • Even though bowties and scarves are a new form of accessories worn in the backpack slot, they are not technically backpacks. It is possible that this may be changed in the future for better customization options when using an accessory trunk.
  • Accessories can often be earned from events such as ToonFest as well as codes.



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