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This page contains secret information regarding an ARG puzzle. The purpose of ARG pages is to keep Toontown sleuths up to date on the story of Toontown Rewritten.

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The Great Silly Particle Search was an event that began on March 29, 2018. Professor Prepostera beforehand created a blog post on March 26, 2018 titled "Silly Street's Fire Hydrant Fiasco" about Loony Labs receiving numerous reports from Toons about a certain fire hydrant attempting to spring to life. Although this blog post was posted on the 26th, no sign of an anomaly had occurred, but this hinted towards something big happening.

A few days later, a blog post titled "The Great Silly Particle Search" was created by Doctor Fissionton announcing that he developed a formula to make Silly Particles appear visible that would be scattered all over Toontown for Toons to collect.

Blog posts

Silly Street's Fire Hydrant Fiasco
Posted by Professor Prepostera on March 26, 2018 at 4:00 PM
Greetings from Loony Labs! I am Professor Prepostera, member of the S.I.L.L.I. (Scientists Interested in Laugh Levels Increasing). For years, Doctor Dimm, Doctor Surlee, and I have been studying the silliness here in Toontown. What makes this place so silly, and how can we harness it? Today, it seems that we've stumbled upon a breakthrough...

18-3-26 fissiontonsplan
Over the years, we've seen all sorts of animated anomalies occur. Wherever there's silliness in the air, it seems that Toontown comes to life -- LITERALLY! I was scared out of my lab coat the first time I saw Flippy and Slappy's pie stand spring to life during the election all those years ago.
Whenever this time of year comes around, Toontown gets sillier and sillier. From the Pie Day Celebration to Doctor Fissionton's Bug Bash, this year has especially been especially sillier than we've ever seen! And that, Toons, is where our breakthrough has come...
Loony Labs has been receiving a number of reports from Toons traversing Silly Street about something spectacular. Some blame water pressure or sunspots, but I know better. The reports say that Toons have seen an animated Fire Hydrant trying to spring to life!
I've been trying to get Doctor Surlee out of his lab, but ever since the Fissiontons showed up he's been working on something in there day in and day out. However, I know for a fact that he can't pass up on the opportunity to study a real animated anomaly. It's only a matter of time until he's out there.
Toons, keep sending us your reports! If these Fire Hydrant reports are true, we'll need Doctor Surlee to head out there and study it pronto. I predict that things will only get even more mysterious as we draw closer to April Toons Week...

The Great Silly Particle Search
Posted by The Fissiontons on March 29, 2018 at 4:26 PM
Hello again! Doctor Fissionton and Doctor Fissionton, at your service. This news would normally be the job of Loony Labs to report, but the entire S.I.L.L.I. Team is still scrambling about trying to get a grip on this.
Considering its the result of our own research, I think we fit the bill.
Yes. Silly Particles were our own discovery, after all.
Right you are. Now it's time to unleash their true potential.

18-3-29 sillinessonsillystreet
Here's the bottom line, Toons: 'Silly Particles are scattering all around Toontown! Thanks to a formula developed by my colleague and I, we've managed to temporarily make clusters of these particles visible.
You're being too technical with them. An average Toon won't care a bit about Silly Particles.
An average Toon might not, but Doctor Surlee certainly will.
That's one thing you're right about. It seems he's on his way to Silly Street now.
These Silly Particles can be found in the most wacky locations of Playgrounds, Streets, and Buildings. After collecting them, do us a favor and bring them to Doctor Surlee. The sooner he gets those particles...
Don't just spoil everything for them! You know that isn't how this works.
There's plenty left for them to uncover. This may be their greatest challenge yet.
To think, it all begins with a fire hydrant.
The greatest waves start with the smallest ripples.
We have a plan, Toons. A Final Plan to end the 26th once and for all. It started with our Bug Bash, but not even that was enough to lure Doctor Surlee from his lab. However, Professor Prepostera put it best: "It's only a matter of time until he's out there." You'll see him on Silly Street shortly.
To clean up all of those Silly Particles, they're going to need help.
They'll need all of their friends and more in Toontown.
Absolutely. New Toons and Old Toons...
...Red Toons and Blue Toons.
Time is running short for us, and so we must depart. Do us a favor and remember our instructions. We gave you that puzzle for a reason.
See you soon.

Silly Particles

The Hydrant Anomaly

Main page: Silly Particle
18-6-6 hydrantmugshot

Doctor Surlee needed Toons to work together and fetch 2,600,000 Silly Particles to help with his research while he focused on analyzing the fire hydrant on Silly Street. Toons could collect up to 31 Silly Particles by finding them anywhere in the playgrounds, streets, and Toon Buildings. Luckily, the silliness of April Toons Week increased the collection rate while also increasing the limit to 50 and allowing Doctor Surlee to make every Silly Particle worth double in value, which sped up the entire process. On April 3, 2018, 2,600,000 Silly Particles were successfully collected, and it was time for Doctor Surlee to meet Doctor Fissionton.

Meeting the Fissiontons

18-6-6 thefissiontonslair

While Doctor Surlee teleported to see Doctor Fissionton, Professor Prepostera stopped by Silly Street to offer a brand new ToonTask that granted access to Doctor Fissionton's location: the secret door to the construction site of a brand new Toon Hall. This ToonTask required Toons to collect five of Professor Prepostera's access cards until the real one was found. Toons must had to complete this ToonTask before its expiration date on April 26, 2018.

Below are the exact locations of where each access card could be found.

  1. The first access card was found in the fishing pond area on Silly Street.
  2. The second access card was found on Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres where the massive geyser is located.
  3. The third access card was found in the "Airborne Acres" race track on Goofy Speedway. Note that "Airborne Acres Rev." will not have the card.
  4. The fourth access card was found in the 'Swing-Time 2" course from Holesome Fun on Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf. To collect it, the golf ball must had landed within the shadow of the card.
  5. The fifth access card was found at the end of the Paint Room from the Sellbot Factory. Toons had to take the Front Entrance, defeat a group of Sellbots then make a right, defeat a group of Skelecogs then make a left, and finally make a right to enter the Paint Room.

After completing the ToonTask, Toons could enter the Toon Hall in which they would meet Doctor Surlee and Doctor Fissionton, accompanied by the Silly Meter and a large cardboard cutout with "The Final Plan" written on it. When Toons approached the Fissiontons, they had various dialogues discussing how they flicker due to time slipping away from them or vice versa, their final plan to help Doctor Surlee create a brand new Silly Meter, and that a new document had been posted on their terminal on They also offered a clue about "remembering" being the key.

Puzzle solving

Reading the Chalkboard

This ARG started off with Doctor Surlee's blog post titled "The ToonTask to Save Toontown" that contained decrypted text at the bottom with certain bolded letters. By using a Vigenère cipher and the clue offered by Doctor Fissionton, the decrypted text reads:

Fissionton told me to leave this here, somewhere hidden in plain sight for future reference. For those of you who crack the code: let's leave this our little secret.

Using the bolded letters in the same positions, an anagram for memento was found, which was the password to the new "Memories" folder in Doctor Fissionton's terminal, LL-TERMINAL26. Entering the password reveals the below message:

Was it wrong of us to lead them to Doctor Surlee's folder?
Doctor Surlee is quite used to having his private research invaded.
That's fair. Perhaps once this is all over, he won't have to be any longer.
A bittersweet fact, to be certain.

Input the "ls" command to find two image files. At this point, only the Chalkboard image can be opened without the need of a password.

18-6-6 chalkboard

The sticky notes from the above image relate to binary numbers, with each displaying a gag. With the exception of the sticky note with the Big Weight, four of the sticky notes had to be rotated for them to face the correct way and offer the correct pattern of binary numbers. The binary numbers can be converted to ASCII. Below is what is given when converting the sticky notes.

01011010 | 01100101 | 01011001 | 01100001 | 01011001
01101001 | 01010011 | 01101110 | 01010111 | 01101101
00110001 | 00110001 | 01001010 | 00110001 | 01111000
00110000 | 01110000 | 01101000 | 01101100 | 01101100
01100011 | 01100010 | 01100100 | 01100011
01101101 | 01101001 | 01101101 | 01111001
00111001 | 00110001 | 01010110 | 00110000
00110001 | 00110000 | 01111001 | 01110110

By converting the above binary to ASCII, random strings of text are given:

Zi10cm91 | eS1pbi10 | YnJhdmVy | aW1lcy0v | Ymxl

The question mark on the triangle from the bottom left points to the base. The math equation on the upper right equals 64. This means that the next clue relates to base64. Inputting the five strings of text altogether onto a base64 decipher reveals bravery-in-times-of-trouble as the password for the next image, "The Center Silo".

The Center Silo

The Center Silo

As stated previously, entering the password reveals the above image. The first thing that is noticeable on the image is six QR codes. Using a QR scanner, the following images were found from Toontown Rewritten's website.


With six images, they can be arranged into three different pairs. 1A and 1B becomes 1AB, 2A and 2B becomes 2AB, and 3A and 3B becomes 3AB. The pairs can then be matched up with the highlighted letters (which spells "acreas" but can be rearranged to "caesar") on the Center Silo. The words found are as followed:

  • Terminal from the red circles
  • Forty Three from the green circles
  • REDHE from the red hearts
  • RRING from the green rectangles
  • JUMEODW from the yellow circles
  • CHOCOLA from the yellow stars
  • FIBUKTI from the purple circles
  • TECAKE from the purple stars

The red and green circles hinted that something is up with Doctor Surlee's terminal, LL-TERMINAL43. By entering the password, sillyness, a text file called "Grocery List" and a folder called "Experiments" are revealed. The Grocery List on was left with nothing but underscores on a numbered list indicating that there are three items. Words were matched up from the Center Silo, providing the following:


Referring back to the highlighted letters, it reveals that the Center Silo is a puzzle involving a Caesar cipher. Two other things that are noticeable from the Center Silo is morse code on the top right, and a key to the letters of the alphabet on the bottom left. Decoding the key reveals "twentytwo", and the morse code reveals "twoney". By using a Caesar decoder to input "22" as the shift and "twoney" as the key, the password for the Experiments folder is revealed to be savingforlater.

Doctor Surlee's Experiments

Entering the password reveals four documents. Every document with the exception of one document titled "The Pocket Watch's Flaws" does not require a password. The Grocery List has the passwords in order that are needed to access the documents.

  • 01 - The Pocket Watch's Flaws
01 - The Pocket Watch's Flaws
  • Doctor Surlee
Despite being the most advanced piece of Toon technology
I've ever created, my Pocket Watch is far from perfect.
Fissionton discovered that himself when discovering the
prototype in my office on that fateful day that ripped
him into The Two. Luckily, I stabilized it by the time it
came for me to activate the time reversal, but of course,
I now know that the unstable nature has left ripples on
the 26th of each month -- following the exact day of the
month that I reversed back to.
I still carry the Pocket Watch with me everywhere I go. If
I ever have to use it again, however, it means I have failed.
That day cannot come again. It must be prevented at all costs.
While we work on putting Fissionton's plans into place to
undo the 26th anomalies, in preparation for the day I hope will
never arrive again, I decided I ought to look at several other
flaws of the Pocket Watch. In this particular research, I have
decided to study a malfunction with the hands of the clock.
  • 02 - Explaining the Unexplained
swisscheese is the password to access "02 - Explaining the Unexplained".
02 - Explaining the Unexplained
  • Doctor Surlee
The interface of my Pocket Watch is simple: The minute hand
moves forward to show progress, while the hour hand moves
backwards to show the reversal of time. When the device is
activated, these hand will spin at incredible speeds as the
watch face begins to glow.
Under intended behavior, the hands of the watch will never
spin unless warming up -- or activating -- time reversal.
However, a glitch has caused the hands to spin at times I
can't explain.
When I first saw this occur several years ago, I rushed to my
laboratory to tinker with it and observe it in a controlled state.
I couldn’t find anything wrong. All the internal timing mechanisms
appeared to be working properly, and there was no sign of disruption
in spacetime.
In the beginning, this would only happen once every few months. It
will be in my pocket, or sitting on my desk, and simply start
spinning with no reason at all. Peculiar, to say the least.
Over the years, this glitch has become more and more
frequent. It went from once every few months to practically
every day in the state it's at now. The Pocket Watch shows
no sign of malfunction, nor any negative effects, but as
a scientoon it's my duty to explain the unexplained.
  • 03 - Silly Meter Mirage
chocolatecake is the password to access "03 - Silly Meter Mirage".
03 - Silly Meter Mirage
  • Doctor Surlee
The most immense revelation of my research thus far happened
just a bit ago, shortly after Fissionton and I met. I noticed
that, mere moments after the hands on the pocket watch started
to spin, I was overcome with a wave of deja vu.
Usually, I dismiss these feelings, as more often than not I
have actually been inside this moment before. However, this
was different, more foggy. It was not easily dismissed. In
fact, I only snapped out of it after Doctor Fissionton tapped
me on the shoulder! I asked them if he had any ideas about
the strange spinning, but he would rather focus on the Silly
Meter research. I'm fond of his determination.
The hands spun again about an hour later, much faster than
before. I had just passed Fissionton to attach a part to
the Silly Meter. For a brief instant, when I looked up at
the meter, I saw it completed, just as it was drawn on the
plans! Everything was there, whirring and whirling magnif-
icently in the air. Then, like a mirage, it vanished.
I know my imagination is often overactive, but this felt
all too real. I checked my watch; the hands had stopped
moving. Am I seeing the past? Am I seeing the future? Is
any of it real? I cannot be sure.
  • 04 - Fissionton's Flickering
redherring is the password to access "03 - Fissionton's Flickering".
04 - Fissionton's Flickering
  • Doctor Surlee
I was just sitting at my desk, working away at blueprints
for the redesigned Silly Meter. Fissionton assures me that
it will need increased capacity in order to track Silly
Levels that we never achieved even on the original timeline.
As I worked, the pocket watch hands again began to spin.
However, this time, I noticed something else. The Fissiontons
began to flicker.
Now, up to this point, I hadn't inquired about the Fissiontons'
flickering. They are time anomalies, after all, and I figured
that a bit of flickering out of existence seems normal enough
for a time anomaly. (Quite frankly, it was the least alarming
part of their situation.) Not letting on that I had even seen
the pocket watch spinning, however, I decided to ask them what
the flickering was all about.
"Fissionton, when you flicker... What do you see? What exactly
is happening to you?"
They dodged my question. "Don't mind it, Doctor. Have you comp-
leted the new design of the Slaphappy Safety Valve yet?"
At that moment, the pocket watch stopped spinning, and just like
clockwork -- the Fissiontons flickering ceased. While I still may
not know the cause to my spinning pocket watch, I'm a step closer
to discovering the root of it. I have a feeling that the Fission-
tons know more than they're letting on about my glitch.
Whatever the cause may be, I now know one thing for sure. When
my pocket watch is spinning: the Fissiontons are flickering.
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