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This page contains secret information regarding an ARG puzzle. The purpose of ARG pages is to keep Toontown sleuths up to date on the story of Toontown Rewritten.
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A website called, otherwise known as Minglermail, was first discovered by the Toontown community on April 18, 2015 before the 26th. The website displayed an image of a Bossbot and a soundtrack from the game until April 26, 2015 where the blog post titled "Team LHAAFBBHQ: Let's Hunt Around And Find... The TEAM?!" was published concerning the whereabouts of Team LHAAFBBHQ. On and after April 26th, multiple puzzles were released in which players had to discover the passwords to multiple online memo accounts of different Cogs.

Bossbot Headquarters was later discovered on May 3, 2015 as announced by Lord Lowden Clear, thanks to the assistance of Team LHAAFBBHQ and the Toons who cracked the code of

Blog post

Team LHAAFBBHQ: Let's Hunt Around And Find... The TEAM?!

Posted by Team LHAAFBBHQ Mission Update on April 26, 2015 at 3:25 PM

A sense of fear and urgency is on the mind of Toons all around Toontown today as the hilariously heroic explorers of Team LHAAFBBHQ have been confirmed missing by the Toon Resistance.
15-4-26 lhaaflhafbbhq.jpg
The team was last sighted on their way to retrieve the final piece of the picture from Sellbots, and based off of their last location: They did.
Toon Resistance scouts picked up the final picture from the ground outside of Sellbot Headquarters, however the letter itself and attached memo were completely gone. There were, however, some strange phrases written in Remington on the back of the picture.
We can only wonder where our team has been taken to, and their mysterious fates. Stay strong, everyone, as we await further updates from the Toon Resistance. Now, more than ever, we shout with pride: Toons of the World, UNITE!

Images and themes

Images below are placed in chronological order. As the dates progressed, Cogs of higher difficulty were shown.

April 18th

Image (Archived)
Music (Archived)

April 19th

Pencil Pusher
Image (Archived)
Music (Archived)

April 20th

Image (Archived)
Music (Archived)

April 21st

Image (Archived)
Music (Archived)

April 22nd

Image (Archived)
Music (Archived)

April 23rd

Head Hunter
Image (Archived)
Music (Archived)

April 24th

Corporate Raider
Image (Archived)
Music (Archived)

April 25th

The Big Cheese

April 26th

On April 26th, went down for unexpected maintenance and stated that memo delivery services would be restored at promptly 3:00 PM. Sometime after maintenance was called off, credentials could be entered to access the Bossbots' memos, thus starting the ARG. The blog post from April 26th revealed the credentials for Flunky.

Screenshot 50-0.png



  • Username: flunky
  • Password: spunky
  • Method: Given in a blog post

Pencil Pusher

  • Username: pencilpusher
  • Password: sh4rp
  • Solver(s): Xioms from /r/toontown as “DH4RP”, corrected by imthescatguy to “SH4RP”
  • Method: Morse code from the robots.mid file: “ ... .... ....- .-. .--. ”


  • Username: yesman
  • Password: ou1
  • Solver(s): ynmsgames & Christofosho from #ttrpuzzle on IRC
  • Method:
    • Open again.mid with a midi editor, and look at each track;
    • If the track looks like morse code, figure out if it is
    • Morse code was found in the Harp track ( --- ..- .---- )
    • See gallery for track images


  • Username: micromanager
  • Password: addedbeef
  • Solver(s): Alan & TrickyPlaysTT
  • Method:
    • Compare the isolate.mid file to the original Bossbot_Factory_v1.ogg
    • Find the notes that have been changed in isolate.mid
    • These notes are the password, "ADDEDBEEF"


  • Username: downsizer
  • Password: jedegraisse
  • Solver: KingOfLimbs & TheRandomDog from #ttrpuzzle
  • Method: Changed notes from the french.mxl french.mxl file, edited with the French musical cryptogram: “JEDEGRAISSE”

Head Hunter

  • Username: headhunter
  • Password: badheadfaces
  • Solvers: Barney, SirBeppo, Tan_Cat & HeathenChemistry, as well as others from #ttrpuzzle
  • Method: Changed notes from the bach.mxl file, edited with the BACH musical cryptogram: “BADHEADFACES”

Corporate Raider

  • Username: corporateraider
  • Password: incursio!
  • Solvers: HeathenChemistry (Spectrogram) & FishSticks (final password), plus others from #ttrpuzzle
  • Method: Use a program like “Sonic Visualizer” to show a Spectrogram of the circumspicio.mp3 file. The outcome is “RAID!” in the visual. Then take that, translate it to Latin (as the Corporate Raider used Latin in its memo), and you get “incursio!”

The Big Cheese

  • Username: thebigcheese
  • Password: lactobacilli
  • Solvers: Pochard (found map.jpg) & Pelican (found final password), as well as others from #ttrpuzzle.
  • Method:
    • Use a program like “Sonic Visualizer” to show a Spectrogram of the thatwhichwecallarose.mp3 file.
    • The outcome is “map.jpg” in the visual.
    • Next, we find the resource “map.jpg”.
    • This graph must be overlayed on the Toontown map, with each node representing a playground.
    • Following this, we take the numbers within the nodes, and extract alphabet the characters from the playground names. (ex: if the node is over The Brrrgh and the number is 2, we take the “h”).
    • Once we have all of the letters, we find the anagram of these, which turns to “wemakecheese”.
    • This, taken extremely literally, results in the final password, as lactobacilli, which is the name of the bacteria that creates cheese.


  • The term "ou1" is like "oui", which is the French word for "yes".
  • Although it is not the webserver's directory index, when going to the index.html file of, an image of The Mingler is seen, and Non, je ne regrette rien is played in the background in a loop.[1]
  • A file called tuning.mid was found via bruteforce, but had since been removed from and was intended to be the original puzzle for obtaining Downsizer's credentials.[2]
  • It is unknown if the Chief Executive Officer's password will ever be found. The last puzzle was used to figure out the coordinates of the Portable Hole Network that would allow access to Bossbot Headquarters before the tunnel finished construction.
  • In The Big Cheese's 3rd memo from the Chairman, "the duck" could be referring to Slappy or Scrooge McDuck.
  • In honor of Scrooge McDuck's deceased voice actor, Alan Young, the theme song called create.mp3 was placed on the front page of[3] The fan-made song was originally added to the original Toontown download video (where Scrooge McDuck activates the Cogs) and uploaded to YouTube in 2016.[4][5]