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The blog post [LAB1-T43] Manual Transmission was posted by LL-TERMINAL43 on February 26, 2014 at 09:40 PM Toontown Time.

Blog Details

This blog post[1] was similar to the ARG: (LAB1-T43) Emergency Monitor Broadcast (2014-01-26) post made on January 26th, 2014. It contained an encrypted sequence of events output from a computer. This computer output had thoughts from Doctor Surlee to himself in italics. Following this, Flippy enters the room and has a discussion with Doctor Surlee about the Toon Council Presidential Elections. Surlee makes many cryptic quips during this conversation about time, variables, and at the end of the conversation hints to a news article which has a message for Flippy.

The below collapsible section contains the encrypted and decrypted blog post.

Encrypted Blog Post

Posted by LL-TERMINAL43 on February 26, 2014 09:40 PM

:logmgr:(info) scroll time 9:31 PM TTT
:reqparser:(info) init req parsing
:cryptlkr:(info) initializing encryption modules
:cryptlkr:(info) got as key: SIMPLIFY BOARD
:xferbse:(info) starting log transfer
:xferbse:(info) using speech encryption key
:lockmgr:(info) Ojabbcbi >bypf Yrrb
:lockmgr:(info) E.y.jy.e ao Uncllf Erii.bxryyrm SS Tbr,b
:lockmgr:(info) P.'g.oycbi >by.p
Dmpmv Adaw f.o![ .ppw brv Brv vvvMafx.Z Ydcbt Ogpn..w ydcbtv
:lockmgr:(warning) Ldfocjan E.y.jy.e SS Tbrjt[Tbrjt
Ogpn..Z Frg cb yd.p.Z
Ydco co Cmlrpyabyw Ogpn..v C tbr, frg-p. cb yd.p.v Nrrt ay yd. jrmlgy.p!
:lockmgr:(warning) Ldfocjan E.y.jy.e SS Xabi[Xabi
Erb-y y.nn m. frg-p. ldao.e xf rb. ru ydro. ocnnf ot.yjd.o aiacbv Ogpn..!
:lockmgr:(alert) O.becbi P.'g.oy P.mcbe.p yr Ofoy.m Y.pmcban
Brw br br brv Ydco cob-y pcidyv Yday olprjt.y ,ao ycny.e 8 e.ip..o yr yd. n.uyw bry yd. pcidyv Rp ,ao cy yd. glZ Brw er,bv 2 cbjd.o rgy,ape yrrv Apiidw ircbi yr dak. yr p.lnaj. ydayv
:lockmgr:(alert) O.becbi Ucban P.'g.oy P.mcbe.p SS Acpdrpb E.lnrf.e
AHHOHoh- Rd! Jrm. rb cbw Uncllfv
:lockmgr:(info) P.'g.oy SS Errp Rl.b.e
Nct. yd. b., o.jgpcyf ofoy.mZ C ucigp.e auy.p frgp ncyyn.[cb C b..e.e yr x..u gl o.jgpcyfv
C[ C ,ao hgoy cb d.p. ydp.. eafo airv Dr, ece frg i.y cy o.y gl or 'gcjtnfZ
DmZ C dak. a nry ru olap. ycm. rb mf inrk.ow C ogllro.v Br,w ,day xpcbio frg d.p. or nay.Z C ,aob-y .ql.jycbi frgv
Ogpn..w frg er ogllrpy m. abe mf jamlacibw erb-y frgZ
Urp oyapy.pow frg maqcmc;.e Onallf-o yrf cbyr a jrnrooan xannrrb ru yrrbcb.oo gocbi rb. ru frgp e.ocibov
Adv C ece er ydayw f.ov "gcy. a xannrrb!
:lockmgr:(info) Ucncbi Jaxcb.y E SS Mabgannf Rl.b.e
:lockmgr:(info) Ucncbi Jaxcb.y E SS Ojp.,epck.p 12 P.mrk.e
:lockmgr:(info) Ucncbi Jaxcb.y E SS Mabgannf Jnro.e
C ,ao ocmlnf d.nlcbi a yrrb cb b..ev
Cb b..eZ Onallf dao mrp. H.nnfx.abo ydab C jab jrgbyw n.y anrb. kry.ov
C ,aob-y yantcbi axrgy dcmv Urp yd. nrk. ru
Frg erb-y .k.b tbr, yd. egjtv Br, nrrtw Onallf co a ru mcb. abe rb. ru yd. ip.ay.oy yrrbo C tbr,w xgy frg ap. a x.yy.p abe .k.b ip.ay.p ru a yrrbv C hgoy erb-y gbe.poyabew Ogpn..v
:lockmgr:(info) Ucncbi Jaxcb.y J SS Mabgannf Gbnrjt.e
:lockmgr:(info) Ucncbi Jaxcb.y J SS Mabgannf Rl.b.e
Yd. co upc.beodcl! Dr, ,rgne frg nct. cy cu C ,.by abe orne frgp yr orm. ryd.p jrmlabfZ
Yd.p. co br ryd.p jrmlabfv Cu yd.p. ,.p.w yd.f ,rgneb-y gbe.poyabe
:lockmgr:(info) Ucncbi Jaxcb.y J SS Mabgannf Jnro.e
:lockmgr:(info) Ucncbi Jaxcb.y > SS Mabgannf Rl.b.e
:lockmgr:(alert) Lpcby 4 mabgannf p.mrk.e (Jaxcb.y >)
Frg ,.nn tbr, ,day C m.abyv C erb-y .k.b dak. a lprl.p lnab. yr ick. yd. yrrbo yrmrppr,w abe d. co ickcbi pannf pce.o cb dco xraoycbi xannrrb[
Yd.p. ap. orm. kapcaxn.o yday C jabbry jdabi.w Uncllfv
Kapcaxn.o! Yd.p. frg ir ,cyd kapcaxn.o aiacbv C maf bry dak. mf e.ip.. cb Oglp.m. xgy C tbr, yday kapcaxn.o ap. mae. yr x. jdabi.ev Yd.f-p. mae. yr x. y.oy.e!
:scanlog:(alert) O.apjdcbi Yapi.y SS Lpcby 4 E.y.jy.e
:scanlog:(info) Erjyrp SS Ojabbcbi Lpcby
Yd.p. ap. anp.aef ryd.p kapcaxn.o x.cbi y.oy.ev
Iad! C erb-y .k.b tbr, ,day ,.-p. yantcbi axrgy abfmrp.v Frg-p. a ip.ay yrrbw Ogpn..w xgy yd.p. ap. orm. ydcbio yday C erb-y gbe.poyabe axrgy frgv
Ypgoy m.w Uncllfv Yday co ann C aotv Yd. .n.jycrb co uacpw abe yday co dr, cy odann oyafv
:sfx2txt:(info) sigh
C-m orppfv C-m jrml.ycyck. co annv C hgoy tbr, C jab mat. a cb Yrrbyr,bv C tbr, C jabv Cy-o hgoyw C tbr, yday Onallf jab yrrv Mafx. .k.b x.yy.pv C dak. ann ru yd.o. ,ajtf[ .ppw e.ncidyugn e.ocibo yday dak. x..b oygjt cb mf urp f.apow xgy frg an,afo i.y yd. ce.a x.urp. C jab ucbcod .qlnacbcbiv Frg lprkce. mroy ru yd. jp.ayck. i.bcgo cb abf,afv C hgoy erb-y tbr,w Ogpn..v
:scanlog:(info) P.'gcp.e Eaya SS Ojabbcbi P.k.po. Oce.
Uncllfw frg jab mat. a ip.ay Yd.p. ap. ln.byf ru yrrbo yday o.. ydayw abe C o.. ydayv Ann C aot co yday frg ypgoy m.w ypgoy yd. yrrbow abe mroy cmlrpyabynf ypgoy frgpo.nuv Mafx. frg-nn ,cbw abe mafx. frg ,rb-yv C jabbry oafv Frg dak. a mcbe mrp. cmaicbayck. ydab mcb.w dr, .k.b cu mcb. maf x. mrp. kckcev Go. cy yr frgp aekabyai.v Jnrxx.p yd. jrml.ycycrbv
Ydabtovvv Yday er.o m.ab a nry jrmcbi uprm frgv
Br,w cu frg erb-y mcbew C b..e yr i.y xajt yr e.ocibcbi ydco ydcbi urp yd. .n.jycrbv Yd.p.-o br ,af C jab ucbcod cy cb ycm. ay ydco pay.v
Anpcidyw Erjv Yat. jap.w abe ydabto aiacbv
:scanlog:(info) Ojab Jrmln.y.
:xferbse:(info) ypabou.p p.'g.oy.e SS Ayyajd.e Lpcby 4
:lockmgr:(info) Cby.pban Errp Rl.b.e
31% Rdw abe UncllfZ
Jd.jt yd. b.,o ,d.b frg i.y drm.v C orm.ydcbi yd.p. urp frgv
>pp[ Anpcidyfv
Yday e.l.beo cu C jab .k.p i.y ydco e.ocib pcidyvvv C-nn ucbe orm. ycm.v Hgoy bry jdabi. yd. ,prbi kapcaxn.ov
1: yypSzzaoo.yozerby[x.[gbuacpvhli
2: yypSzzaoo.yozcabeh,.p.rbj.yd.oam.n.yy.pvhli
:xferbse:(info) end transfer
Decrypted Blog Post
[LAB1-T43] Manual Transmission
Posted by LL-TERMINAL43 on February 26, 2014 09:40 PM

:logmgr:(info) scroll time 9:31 PM TTT

:reqparser:(info) init req parsing

:cryptlkr:(info) initializing encryption modules

:cryptlkr:(info) got as key: SIMPLIFY BOARD

:xferbse:(info) starting log transfer

:xferbse:(info) using speech encryption key

:lockmgr:(info) Scanning Present Entry Toon

:lockmgr:(info) Detected as Flippy Doggenbottom :: Known

:lockmgr:(info) Requesting Enter

Hmrm. Aha, yes!- err, no. No. ...Maybe? Think Surlee, think.

:lockmgr:(warning) Physical Interference Detected :: Knock-Knock

Surlee? You in there? This is Important, Surlee. I know you're in there. Look at the computer!

:lockmgr:(warning) Physical Interference Detected :: Bang-Bang

Don't tell me you're phased by one of those silly sketches again. Surlee!

:lockmgr:(alert) Sending Request Reminder to System Terminal

No, no no no. This isn't right. That sprocket was tilted 8 degrees to the left, not the right. Or was it the up? No, definitely down. 2 inches outward too. Arggh, going to have to replace that.

:lockmgr:(alert) Sending Final Request Reminder :: Airhorn Deployed


AJJSJsj' - Oh! Come on in, Flippy.

:lockmgr:(info) Request Accepted :: Door Opened

Like the new security system? I figured after your little break-in I needed to beef up security.

I- I was just in here three days ago. How did you get it set up so quickly?

Hm? I have a lot of spare time on my gloves, I suppose. Now, what brings you here so late? I wasn't expecting you.

Surlee, you do support me and my campaign, don't you?

For starters, you maximized Slappy's toy into a colossal balloon of tooniness using one of your designs.

Ah. I did do that, yes. Quite a magnificent balloon!

:lockmgr:(info) Filing Cabinet D :: Manually Opened

:lockmgr:(info) Filing Cabinet D :: Screwdriver 12 Removed

:lockmgr:(info) Filing Cabinet D :: Manually Closed

I was simply helping a toon in need.

In need? Slappy has more Jellybeans than I can count, let alone votes.

I wasn't talking about him. For the love of

You don't even know the duck. Now look, Slappy is a friend of mine and one of the greatest toons I know, but you are a better friend and even greater of a toon. I just don't understand, Surlee.

:lockmgr:(info) Filing Cabinet C :: Manually word Unlocked

:lockmgr:(info) Filing Cabinet C :: Manually Opened

The difference is friendship! How would you like it if I went and sold your ideas to some other science company?

There is no other science company. If there were, they wouldn't understand them.

:lockmgr:(info) Filing Cabinet C :: Manually Closed

:lockmgr:(info) Filing Cabinet E :: Manually Opened

:lockmgr:(alert) Print 4 manually removed (Cabinet E)

You very well know what I meant. I don't even have a proper plane to give the toons tomorrow, and he is giving rally rides in his boasting balloon-

There are some variables that I cannot change, Flippy.

Variables! There you go with variables again. I may not have my degree in Supreme Science, but I know that variables are made to be changed. They're made to be tested!

:scanlog:(alert) Searching Target :: Print 4 Detected :scanlog:(info) Doctor Present :: Scanning Print

There are already other variables being tested.

Gah! I don't even know what we're talking about anymore. You're a great toon, Surlee, but there are some things that I don't understand about you.

Trust me, Flippy. That is all I ask. The election is fair, and that is how it shall stay.

:sfx2txt:(info) sigh

I'm sorry. I'm competitive is all. I just know I can make a difference in Toontown. I know I can. It's just, I know that Slappy can too. Maybe even better. I have all of these wacky- err, delightful designs that have been stuck in my head for years, but you always get the idea before I can finish explaining. You provide most of the creative genius in them, anyway. I just don't know, Surlee.

:scanlog:(info) Required Data Present :: Scanning Reverse Side

Flippy, you can make a great leader. There are plenty of toons that see that, and I see that. All I ask is that you trust me, trust the toons, and most importantly trust yourself. Maybe you'll win, and maybe you won't. I cannot say. You have a mind more imaginative than mine, however, even if mine may be more vivid. Use it to your advantage. Clobber the competition.

Thanks... That does mean a lot coming from you.

Now, if you don't mind, I need to get back to designing this thing for the election. There's no way I can finish it in time at this rate.

Alright, Doc. Take care, and thanks again.

:scanlog:(info) Scan Complete

:xferbse:(info) transfer requested :: Attached Print 4


:lockmgr:(info) Internal Door Opened


Oh, and Flippy?


Check the news when you get home. I sent something there for you.


Err- Alrighty.

That depends if I can ever get this design right... I'll find some time. Just remember not change the wrong variables.




1: ttr://assets/dont-be-unfair.jpg

2: ttr://assets/iandjwereoncethesameletter.jpg

:xferbse:(info) end transfer

Decryption Method

500px-KB United States Dvorak.svg

Dvorak Simplified Keyboard (United States Layout)[2]

500px-KB United States-NoAltGr.svg

Standard QWERTY Keyboard (United States Layout)[3]

This blog post was decrypted using a keyboard mapping method with Droviak's Simplified Keyboard by Kitt Kitt Lou, which was found through the "Simplify Board" clue in the blog post.

First, one must find the position of the encrypted character on Droviak's Simplified Keyboard. Following this, one can look to a QWERTY standard Keyboard and the and find the decrypted character in the same location.

This is also known as Dvorak Encoding. Tools are typically used to decode this type of content. Will's Qwerty to Dvorak Converter can be used online to decrypt the message. (The online Qwerty-dvorak converter uses a different dvorak variant that makes some keys like apostrophes and dashes show up differently, and as such did not work for the puzzle.)


  • The front of the blueprint.Go to
  • The back of the encrypted blueprint.Go to
The blueprints were found through links at the bottom of the decrypted blog post[4]. The front of the blueprint features a sketch of a car, and sections of encrypted text. As well, there is a grid in the bottom corner. The back of the blueprint has a sequence of numbers. These blueprints contained the highest complexity puzzle to date.

Decryption Method

The first blueprint (ttr://assets/dont-be-unfair.jpg) shows a gag bag that points to a 7x7 grid with various marked cells. Next to the grid is an upper-case Σ Sigma). In this case, Sigma means the sum of all the numbers in a series. Just to the right of Σ is the word "MAX".

After the word "MAX" is the ⊕ symbol that looks like a circled plus sign. In the XOR Cipher, this ⊕ symbol denotes the exclusive disjunction (XOR) operation. If 2 binary numbers are the same, the resulting binary number is 0 (AKA False), but if the 2 binary numbers are different, the resulting binary number is 1 (AKA True). Messages and Keys have to be turned into binary code for the XOR Cipher to be able to use them.

This all means that the sum of the maximum gag damage/healing power of the marked gags needs to be found, turned into binary code, then XOR'd with the Binary Code on the back of the Blueprint.[5] Notice no lure gags were marked. Every other Gag Track has 2 gags selected from it.

Marked Gag Slots from Blueprint

Marked Gag Attack/Healing Power[6]

Lipstick (30)

Pixie Dust (70)


Quicksand (50)

Railroad (195)

Lure ‌‌



Elephant Trunk (21)

Opera Singer (90)


Cream Pie Slice (27)

Birthday Cake (100)


Squirting Flower (4)

Storm Cloud (80)


Sandbag (18)

Safe (60)

Next the sum of these numbers must be found: 30+70+50+195+21+90+27+100+4+80+18+60=745

The next step is converting the sum, 745, into binary. This can be done by hand or with an online Decimal/Binary Conversion Tool. 745 in binary is 1011101001 (512+128+64+32+8+1). That number has 10 digits, just like the binary code on the back of the blueprint (ttr://assets/iandjwereoncethesameletter.jpg). 1011101001 is the "key". We can now perform the mathematical XOR operation on each row, using the row as the first input, and the key as the second input.

The top line from the blueprint ------> 1110100100

The Key (745) -----------------------> ⊕1011101001

The first decrypted binary line ------> 0101001101

The first 8 binary digits can now be translated into text. (By hand, or with the online Binary to Text (ASCII) Conversion). 0101001101 is "S" in ASCII yext. After doing this with the rest of the binary code on the blueprint, you get "Springy Partlicles". "Springy" and "Partlicles" are the 2 keys needed to decrypt the front of The Portability Design blueprint (ttr://assets/dont-be-unfair.jpg). [7]

Decrypted dont-be-unfair
Encrypted Blueprint Text (Front)
The Portability Design Encrypted Plain Text:




















Encrypted Blueprint Text (Back)
















Notes and Thoughts

  • Flippy is more imaginative, even if Doctor Surlee's imagination is more "vivid"? This may provide the sense of time travel.
  • Perhaps anyone could feel Flippy's pain of wanting to win the election. However, Flippy realizes that Slappy can be just as good as he is (or maybe better as he thought).
  • What did Surlee send Flippy through the news?
  • Was Surlee working on the Cogs for election day?
  • Surlee says he "has a lot of time on his gloves" to boost his security, but complains that he won't be able to finish "designing this thing for the election"?
  • The blueprint is named Scan 4 for some reason.
  • The 1s and 0s blueprint is on the back side of The Portability Design blueprint. In the background of The Portability Design, you can see part of a robot, but no 1s and 0s. In the background of the 1s and 0s, you can see the reverse side of The Portability Design, but no robot.


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