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Pencilpushermemo1.png|Pencil Pusher's Memo 1
Pencilpushermemo1.png|Pencil Pusher's Memo 1
Pencilpushermemo2.png|Pencil Pusher's Memo 2
Pencilpushermemo2.png|Pencil Pusher's Memo 2
MINGLERMAIL For Pencil Pusher, again.mid.JPG|Pencil Pusher's Memo 3|link=

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Team LHAAFBBHQ finding the last piece of the peculiar picture

A website called is an ARG that has been happening ever since Saturday, April 18, 2015. The ARG displayed different Bossbots with different music themes related to Bossbots every day up until April 26, 2015, which displayed a message. Many people have been speculating it to be a hint on the release of Bossbot Headquarters, a Team LHAAFBBHQ mission update, or anything else related to the storyline.

April 18: A picture of a Flunky, and the track Bossbot_Entry_v1

April 19: A picture of a Pencil Pusher, and the track Bossbot_Entry_v2

April 20: A picture of a Yesman, and the track Bossbot_Entry_v3

April 21: A picture of a Micromanager, and the track Bossbot_Factory_v1

April 22: A picture of a Downsizer, and the track Bossbot_Factory_v2

April 23: A picture of a Head Hunter, and the track Bossbot_Factory_v3

April 24: A picture of a Corporate Raider, and the track Bossbot_CEO_v1

April 25: A picture of The Big Cheese, and the track Bossbot_CEO_v2

April 26: A ominous message.

Screenshot 50-0
"MINGLERMAIL Memo Management is currently down for maintenance.
All memo delivery services will be restored at promptly 3:00 PM. Get back to work.
For assistance, please mingle with the Minglers at The response will eventually be shelved and then trashed within 3-5 business days."

After maintenance

MINGLERMAIL Memo Management offers impeccable memo services with bland and outdated interfaces for Cogs. Toons are NOT accepted.
For assistance, please mingle with the Minglers at The response will eventually be shelved and then trashed within 3-5 business days.
Enter your credentials to access memos:


A (263) blog post announced that the last piece of the peculiar Bossbot HQ picture was found. The back of the piece of the picture says "MINGLER.ORG", "flunky", and "spunky" which has been confirmed to be the Flunky's account.



  • Username: flunky
  • Password: spunky

Pencil Pusher:

  • Username: pencilpusher
  • Password: sh4rp


  • Username:
  • Password:


  • Username:
  • Password:


  • Username: downsizer
  • Password:

Head Hunter:

  • Username:
  • Password:

Corporate Raider:

  • Username: corporateraider
  • Password:

The Big Cheese:

  • Username: bigcheese
  • Password:

Chief Executive Officer:

  • Username: ceo
  • Password:

Legal Eagle:

  • Username: legaleagle
  • Password:
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