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This page contains information related to an ARG. ARG pages are here to help players keep in touch with the storyline of Toontown Rewritten.
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After had suddenly disappeared sometime in 2016, Doctor Surlee announced on January 25, 2018 (2007) with a blog post titled " is Back Online" in an attempt to lure "The Two" towards the website and trigger yet another anomaly. A day later, on the 26th, LL-TERMINAL26 created a blog post initiating an incoming transmission. What Doctor Surlee had decided to get himself into would become the most complex ARG that the Toontown community has ever solved.

Blog posts is Back Online

Posted by Doctor Surlee on January 25, 2018 at 4:00 PM

Attention, Loony Labs Scientoons and Assillyates: After a period of maintenance, is now back online. You can use this website to access your personal terminal anywhere outside of the facility.

18-1-25 sillyness
We’ve had our top teams (besides S.I.L.L.I. -- they're far too busy) working on resetting the rambunctious registers and programming the pernicious processors. All terminal IDs will be found intact, and everything appears to be operational as of now.
If you aren't a Loony Labs employee, feel free to fold this message up and turn it into a paper airplane! Creativity is key to "sillyness", they say.
Remember, this message has absolutely no significance to those outside of Loony Labs and I am absolutely not using reverse-psychology on you. I'm a scientist, not a politician. Enjoy your day -- January 25th -- the day before the 26th, mind you!
-- Doctor Surlee, Director of Loony Labs

Incoming Transmission from LL_TERMINAL26

Posted by LL_TERMINAL26 on January 26, 2018 at 8:26 PM

Incoming Transmission From LL TERMINAL26

Incoming Transmission From LL TERMINAL26

I hope they know what they're getting themselves into.
They do. Some of them, anyway.
This has been a long time coming...
And yet not even we are prepared for what lies ahead.
Speak for yourself!
I did speak for myself.
Hmm. I suppose you did.
By the way, you'll need these.
You can thank us later.
Good luck.

compared secrecy wearing Gearloose impeccable collapsing reflection separated thoughts scrambled evacuation pocket mentions variable sworn smile incomplete stabilized flickering describing file blueprints scenarios facility discover recorder goodness blueprint anomaly rewrite ten ripples delicate Blueprints surroundings encrypting timeline audio predicament entering variables pages onward scribblings log's rooms Fissionton treacherous imperfection documents document crumbling recording drawer logs parallel particle dates imperfections precisely possibility pen happening bay portability appearance unforeseen encountered importantly schematics designed glimpse device's copy folder self initial Gyro's awful glowing steal transcript unstable remained


At the time of the previous ARG, no one knew whom LL-TERMINAL26 belonged to, and remained a mystery for quite some time until now. It was discovered that Doctor Fissionton (formerly known as “The Two” or “???”) is a Loony Labs employee who supposedly resigned many years ago and owns LL-TERMINAL26. Only LL-TERMINAL43 and Ll-TERMINAL26 can be accessed while the rest of the terminals from the previous ARG are offline.

Logging into a terminal results in allowance of using the following commands: "whoami", "cd", "ls", "cat", "clear", and "exit".

  • The "whoami" command states who owns that particular terminal.
  • The "ls" command lists the files within a directory.
  • The "cat" command is used to open files by writing "cat [file name]". The names of a file is listed in white color after the "ls" command.
  • The "cd" (change directory) command is used to open directories, by writing "cd [directory name]". The name of a directory is listed in purple color after the "ls" command. Every directory can contain further files. Typing "cd .." will allow the user to go backward in the directory list.


After logging into LL-TERMINAL43, entering “ls” shows three directories: WELCOME, 26, and Blueprints.



Welcome to my terminal. If you're reading this, it seems the bait is working! Don't be alarmed.
Of course, I know my password was released long ago thanks to a certain number that I can't seem to rid of. My important documents are no longer stored here, for obvious reasons, but I'm sure the ripple will reach them soon enough. Ironically, I need that ripple to come again.
I knew what I was doing by releasing that blog post. Today the 25th - and tomorrow, I can only hope, the 26th. Time to prepare.


[LLTERMINAL43 ~]$ cd 26

Right to the juicy stuff, then!
They'll want to brush up with these for what comes next.
And what does come next?
What's already happened.
Ah. I suppose they'll need to know what's already happened to understand.

[LLTERMINAL43 ~/26]$ ls

Info.txt, The Two, Archive

[LLTERMINAL43 ~/26]$ cat Info.txt

  • Doctor Surlee
  • December 2006
For some time now, I've been collecting information on this
reoccurring anomaly that happens on the 26th. At first, it
completely perplexed me. Why this seemingly insignificant
I’ve archived all major events within the "Archive" folder,
which I go back and study every so often, hoping to find an
It wasn't until I went back through the journals of the
Rewritten Experiment, desperately attempting to pinpoint the
problem, when I discovered something dreadful. October 26th,
That's the day I came back to. The day that, as they say, I
threw a gigantic rock into the fabric of time that has caused
ripples every month following it. Some small - so insignificant
that it seems like nothing has happened - and some tidalwaves.
To anyone who may ever read this, like the rest of my work
which this anomaly has exposed: Welcome to the tidalwave.
Even with this notion of an idea pinpointed, I still had no
Cause. What went wrong in my device to cause such ripples?
I’m not able to observe the true fabric of time in order to
answer such a question. However, I have an idea of who might.
Gah! I can't even stand to think of it.
"The Two", as I've labeled them, first appeared on April 26,
right after the first key date of the Rewritten Experiment:
The Toon Council Presidential Election. I've never once seen
who - or what - they are, yet they have absolute knowledge of
everything I'm trying to accomplish. HOW?
All other Toon's knowledge of what once was - or rather, what
will be - is gone. We went back. But "The Two" know. They
understand what it means to be Rewritten. They understand what
I’m trying to accomplish. Most importantly, they understand
the 26th.
I need to find them. It's been so long since a tidalwave has
occurred, which I'm certainly thankful for, but I need one in
order to reach them. They're the key to all of this.
Luckily, I have an idea on how to trigger the anomaly. Next
month, an announcement about is the perfect
recipe for disaster. I hope I know what I'm getting myself

The Two

[LLTERMINAL43 ~/26]$ cd The Two

”The Two"? That has a nice ring to it.
Though, I think more fitting would be "The One."
Which one of us is "The One?"
Easily both.

[LLTERMINAL43 ~/26/The Two]$ ls

03-11-26 - Our Pleasure to Return.txt, 03-04-26 - To Whom It May Concern.txt, 05-03-26 - We'll Be In Touch.txt

The above text files are the following ARGs:

[LLTERMINAL43 ~/26]$ cd Archive

[LLTERMINAL43 ~/26/Archive]$ ls

03-05-26 - Emergency Memo.txt, 00-04-26 - Lab Report.txt, 02-11-26 - Confidential.txt, 03-01-26 - Emergency Monitor Broadcast.txt, 03-03-26 - Call Log.txt, 03-02-26 - Manual Transmission.txt, 03-06-26 - Court Records.txt

The above text files (with the exception of Lab Report) are the following ARGs:

[LLTERMINAL43 ~/26/Archive]$ cat 00-04-26 - Lab Report.txt

Lab Report - April 26, 2000
"Loony Labs Lab Report - Week 1"
For a Toon, I sure do have a lot of papers to file through.
However, I am quite pleased with the fruits of my labor. The
hustle and bustle of founding Loony Labs is finally nearing
its conclusion, and everything seems to be smooth sailing from
here, relatively speaking. Time appears to be running precisely
according to plan. Until today, that is.
I walked into my workspace to find a resignation paper from
Doctor Fissionton on my desk. He was always such a dedicated and
hardworking Toon, so seeing this resignation so soon seems strange.
I could have sworn that Doctor Fissionton was a dog, yet this is
signed with a cat's print. My mind grows foggy when thinking
about the past-future.
Nonetheless, considering his absence in the later years of the
original Loony Labs, I believe I can manage in his stead, keeping
everything according to plan. Besides, what's the worst that can
happen from a small anomaly?


[LLTERMINAL43 ~]$ cd Blueprints

Ah, I remember these.
Good times!
Bad times for him.
He'll learn to appreciate it, it's only a matter of time.
Time is all it's ever a matter of.

[LLTERMINAL43 ~/Blueprints]$ ls

05-1 - Portable Hole.jpg, 03-2 - Portability Design.jpg, 01 - Silly Meter.jpg, 03-1 - Portability Design.jpg, 06-2 - The Rewritten Device.jpg, 02 - Laff Meter.jpg, 04 - Manufacturing Machine.jpg, 06-1 - The Rewritten Device.jpg, 05-2 - Portable Hole.jpg

The above files are the following blueprints:

LL-TERMINAL26 (puzzle solving)

A Slice of C.A.K.E.

18-2-1 thebigbuildup

January 26, 2018 is when a variety of cryptic messages started to appear, resulting in an entirely brand new ARG that is considered to be the most complex one yet. Every previous ARG starting with the first one on November 26, 2013 (2002) has lead up to this, which is how all of Doctor Surlee's blueprints above were eventually discovered as time went on.

After LL-TERMINAL26 initiated a transmission on January 26th, it was discovered that morse code and radio frequencies are within the video’s background, which led to discovering the password to the terminal being 3QUESTIONMARKS and that Doctor Fissionton is the owner of the terminal. A number of Research Reports written by Doctor Fissionton were then found. To gain access to the Research Reports, 02/2009 would be entered as the password after inputting "cd C.A.K.E." then "cd Research Reports". These Research Reports were filed by the C.A.K.E. Team (Categorizing All Known Energy) of Loony Labs.

Each Research Report provided a password to move onto the next; only "Investigating the Portability Design" did not require a password to gain access. The Research Reports and their passwords are as followed:

  1. Investigating the Portability Design
  2. Newly Discovered Particles
    antsillions&you is the password to access "Newly Discovered Particles".
  3. The S.I.L.L.I. Team
    ppdsddsilli is the password to access "The S.I.L.L.I. Team".
  4. Categorizing Continues
    suspiciousbehavior is the password to access "Categorizing Continues".
  5. Final Report
    PurrviewsPW is the password to access "Final Report".

The Rewritten Experiment

18-2-1 therewrittenexperiment

The final Research Report offered another password (2for1and1for2) that would allow access to LL-TERMINAL26’s “26” directory. After inputting "cd 26" along with the password, the following message will appear:

I see they made it.
You already knew that they would.
I'll be more impressed if they make it past this point.
They will, but they're going to need help.
Lots of it. This is no puzzle to be solved alone.
This will be their greatest challenge yet.
The greatest challenge for the greatest knowledge.
Some would call that knowledge a curse.
I prefer to call it a warning.

Right after the message is immediately followed by three documents; only "The Desk of Gyro Gearloose" did not require a password to gain access. The passwords to access the documents are as followed:

  1. The Desk of Gyro Gearloose
  2. The Rewritten Experiment
    possibilities is the password to access "The Rewritten Experiment".
  3. A Pocket Watch
    henceforth is the password to access "A Pocket Watch".

From examining the three documents, Doctor Fissionton was a Loony Labs scientist skeptical of Doctor Surlee. He uncovered plans for all of the blueprints, but the biggest find was "The Rewritten Experiment", which described an experiment by Doctor Surlee to take Toontown back in time in order to defeat the Cogs. The plan was to rewrite Toontown using a pocketwatch.

The pocketwatch from where Doctor Fissionton found it malfunctioned and ripped him away from time due to being unstable. However, the pocketwatch unveiled the true nature of the 26th: An anomaly caused by Doctor Surlee's time travel. Because the past cannot be replicated perfectly, Doctor Fissionton found a "rewritten" version of himself as a cat.

Puzzle Document 01.5 Discord

When "The Rewritten Experiment" was temporarily unavailable due to a bug within, a filler document was posted on the Toontown Rewritten Discord server to keep the players occupied.[1] The cryptic text when decoded reads:

Hmm. This is quite the predicament.
Yes it seems that the anomalies have even affected the VERY state of the computer.
Or maybe making a copy of files across time is still a tricky science.
Alas, it seems we have to be technical support too.
Let them know that the files will be restored whenever we can sneak by Doctor Dimm.
He seems to be trying to win the prize for most funny cat videos in a single sitting.

The Fissiontons' Puzzle

18-2-1 thefissiontonspuzzle

After all that hard work solving the Research Reports and the three documents, one last puzzle titled "The Final Plan" still remained. The last puzzle, along with a message from Doctor Fissionton, can be accessed with watch as the password. In the message below, Doctor Fissionton left a ZIP file for the puzzle itself at the end of the conversation.

Doctor Fissionton states that the reason Doctor Surlee had done of all this is to save Toontown. Surlee Gyro Gearloose, his full name as revealed by Doctor Fissionton, rewrote himself to become a monkey to prevent from being identified by any Toon as the one who accidentally created the Cogs.

The puzzle comprises of putting over 300 pieces together to create a picture. The picture shows two versions of Doctor Fissionton inside the Toon Hall with a Silly Meter cardboard from behind, with one telling the Toons to wish Doctor Surlee "Good luck!", and the other confirming that far more is at stake than the Silly Meter. Although this was the end of the ARG, this was not the end of the 26th altogether.

18-2-1 tobecontinued


  • "LOONIX SHELL" is a reference to a "UNIX shell". Both are similar to Windows' "command line".
  • Since January 25, 2018, the website now holds an archive for majority of previous ARGs and blueprints under Doctor Surlee's terminal, LL-TERMINAL43.
  • Doctor Fissionton is introduced in this ARG after being previously known as "The Two". Fissionton's resignation paper shows a cat print, but Doctor Surlee remembers him being a dog, which results in there being two Fissiontons.
  • Upon gaining access to Doctor Fissionton's terminal, LL-TERMINAL26, it is revealed that he is the leader of an organization known as C.A.K.E. (Categorizing All Known Energy) with two members named Professor Purrview and Doctor Fumbdound.

Posted by RigbyTTTelegraph on Sat Mar 26 22:24:29 2016 UTC
The terminal is based off jQuery and a terminal script by Chris Done and Simon David Pratt. The TTR team modified the default CSS stylesheet to make it look toony.
This domain was actually registered back in March 2015, so if this is something big they've been working on it for a while. Then again, it's unlikely and this domain is probably just used for building hype.
Entering 26 will result in the terminal being temporarily unavailable.



  1. Google Docs - "Loony Labs ARG - 26 Folder Documents"
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