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[[File:V2.0_Cog_Invasion_Alert.png|thumb|120px|A message sent by the Toon Resistance about Doctor Surlee's emergency memo]]
The blog post '''Emergency Memo from Doctor Surlee''' was posted by ''Toon HQ'' on May 26, 2014 at 04:55 PM Toontown Time.<ref>
[[News_Blogs_(2014)#Emergency_Memo_from_Doctor_Surlee|Wiki Blog Post (2014)]] • [[Release_Notes_(2014)#May_26.2C_2014_.5Bttr-beta-v1.1.4.5D|Wiki Release Notes (2014) v1.1.4]] • [[Release_Notes_(2014)#May_26.2C_2014_.5Bttr-beta-v1.1.5.5D|Wiki Release Notes (2014) v1.1.5]] • [ Official Blog Post], [ MCF News] • [ Wayback Machine News]
==Blog Details==
In this post, [[Doctor Surlee]] sends an emergency notification to [[Toon Headquarters]]. When things get sour, Surlee mentions his regrets in joining [[Lord Lowden Clear]] and other Resistance Toons in their Storm of [[Sellbot Headquarters]]. The moment Surlee is spotted by the [[Cogs]], a wave of [[Version 2.0 Cogs]] rain from [[Sellbot Towers]].
Not only is Doctor Surlee the one to point out the location of Sellbot HQ, but he also knows that Version 2.0 Cogs are being prototyped in [[Bossbot Headquarters]] (but he only mentions that they are being prototyped). Then Surlee rants about "A ripple, an anomaly, the 26th..." and how he shouldn't have expected anything different. Surlee's rant echos the voice of many of [[Sir Max]]'s ominous quotes and status updates.
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Emergency Memo from Doctor Surlee<br />
Posted by '''Toon HQ''' on ''May 26, 2014 04:55 PM''
:Toons, this is an emergency notification that we've just received from Doctor Surlee. As I'm sure you know, Doctor Surlee has made many contributions to the advancement of Toontown, as well as pointing out the location of Sellbot HQ among other Cog secrets. Here is the message he just sent us:
::Gah, it's running. Of course it's running. Toon HQ, this is Doctor Surlee. I'm currently in - ''AH!'' - Sellbot HQ with the Toon Resistance. Things have just taken a turn for the worst here, and all of Toontown is about to be in danger.
::Myself and Lord Lowden Clear, along with the assistance of other Resistance Toons, have been Storming Sellbot HQ. I was invited to come, but I shouldn't have. We were in the middle of the heist when suddenly we were discovered. Somehow, they saw through the cover. I cannot explain how. It happens all the time, normally not a thing to worry about. However, we are in a tight situation.
::The Cogs have been working on a new weapon, they're becoming even more resistant to our gags. Upon identifying me, a wave of '''Version 2.0 Cogs''' rained down from Sellbot Towers. Listen, toons, this is not a threat to be taken lightly. The Version 2.0 Cogs become Skelecogs upon destruction due to their improved suit lining. It's like the polyester of metal! Unlike polyester, these suits can take a fair beating. They're being prototyped for the Bossbots to use in their... Well, they're being prototyped.
::Don't worry about us -- Lowden is protecting myself and the others in our group. If it weren't for him, I'm sure I would be captured. We're on our way back, but so are the Cogs. Send out an emergency alert that '''Version 2.0 Cogs are taking over Toontown.''' Make quickly with it, too! We can't risk anymore lost Laff!
::''I know I shouldn't have come. On today of all days, too! A ripple, an anomaly, the 26th... I try hiding, it still happens. I try ignoring it, it still happens. Ah, and the transmission is still on! Why would I expect different?''
:Prepare yourselves, toons. It's about to get rough out there. We need to keep the Doctor safe -- and even more so, we need to protect Toontown!
==Notes and Thoughts==
*The day after this update, Version 2.0 Cogs invaded Toontown until then.
*Just as [[Sir Max]] said<ref>"Slappy had 42 laff, which was significantly high for the era. Flippy's laff is 37.<br /><br />As for my user title, I can tell you that all three are one in the same."<br /><br />As said by [[Staff#Developers|joey19982/Sir Max]] at 04-27-2014 on the ''Toontown Rewritten storyline/clue speculation *Megathread* V. 3.0'' on MMO Central Forums<br /><br />(His user title was "A Ripple, an Anomaly, 26" at the time.)</ref>, "A ripple, an anomaly, and the 26th" are all one and the same.

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