$1 Bill battle
$1 Bill
$1 Bill Icon
Basic information
Track: Lure
Level: 1
Accuracy: Low
Base accuracy: 50
Affects: One Cog
Number of rounds lured: 2
Organic boost: Medium accuracy
Carry capacity
Minimum: 10
Maximum: 30
Preceded by:


Succeeded by:
Small Magnet Icon

Small Magnet

Skill points gained:


Skill points needed:


Sound files
TL fishing pole

$1 Bill is the level one Lure gag. It precedes the Small Magnet. This gag has the same accuracy as its succeeding gag, as it works 50% of the time. The minimal gag storage is 10 while the maximum is 30. As with all lure gags it stuns the Cogs for a amount of rounds, this gag only does it for one.


  • This gag is very similar to the $5 Bill and $10 Bill, making it difficult to tell the difference.
  • In a Toontown Online trading card, it is referred to as the "Cog Catcher".
  • Many players think, that if the lure gag is lower then then the Cogs level, then it will always miss. This is wrong because the lure gag just has a low chance of working.
  • During Christmas time, $1 Bills are green-wrapped presents.


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