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|name=$10 Bill
|image=$10 Bill battle.png
|affects=One Cog
|organic=Medium accuracy
|precede=Big Magnet
|succeed=Hypno Goggles
'''$10 Bill''' is the level five [[Lure]] [[Gags|gag]]. It precedes the [[Hypno Goggles]].
*This gag is very similar to the [[$1 Bill]] and [[$5 Bill]].
** The only differences are the number of rounds the [[Cog]] stays [[lure]]d, and the number on the Bill.
** It is a two-part gag, meaning the damage depends on the gag used with it.
* It has the same accuracy as the [[Hypno Goggles]].
[[Category:Lure Gags]]
[[Category:Level 5 Gags]]

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