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|minimumdamage =
|minimumdamage =
|precede = [[Big Magnet]]
|precede = [[Big Magnet]]
|succeed = [[Hypno Goggles]]|rounds = 4}}
|succeed = [[Hypno Goggles]]|rounds = 4|GagTrack = Lure|GagName = $10 Bill|MinimumDamage = N/A|MaximumDamage = N/A|GagLevel = 5|Accuracy = Low|OrganicBoost = N/A|MinimumCarrying = 3|MaximumCarrying = 7|PreviousGag = Big Magnet|Next Gag = Hypno Goggles}}
'''$10 Bill''' is a level five [[Lure]] gag. It precedes the [[Hypno Goggles]].
'''$10 Bill''' is the level five [[Lure]] [[Gags|gag]]. It precedes the [[Hypno Goggles]].
*This gag is very similar to the [[$1 Bill]] and [[$5 Bill]].
*This gag is very similar to the [[$1 Bill]] and [[$5 Bill]].

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$10 Bill
$10 Bill Icon
Basic information
Level: 5
Accuracy: Low
Number of rounds lured: 4
Preceded by:
[[File:Big Magnet.png|center|50x50px|link=]]

[[Big Magnet]]

Succeeded by:
[[File:Hypno Goggles.png|center|50x50px|link=]]

[[Hypno Goggles]]

$10 Bill is the level five Lure gag. It precedes the Hypno Goggles.


  • This gag is very similar to the $1 Bill and $5 Bill.
    • The only differences are the number of rounds the Cog stays lured, and the number on the Bill.
    • It is a two-part gag, meaning the damage depends on the gag used with it.
  • It has the same accuracy as the Hypno Goggles.
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