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$10 Bill battle
$10 Bill
$10 Bill Icon
Basic information
Track: Lure
Level: 5
Accuracy: Low
Affects: One Cog
Number of rounds lured: 4
Organic boost: Medium accuracy
Carry capacity
Minimum: 3
Maximum: 7
Preceded by:
Big Magnet Icon

Big Magnet

Succeeded by:
Hypno Goggles Icon

Hypno Goggles

Skill points gained:


Skill points needed:


Sound files
TL fishing pole

The $10 Bill is the level five Lure gag. It succeeds the Big Magnet and precedes the Hypno Goggles. When used, the Toon using it will pull out a fishing rod with the $10 bill on it. If it misses, a message says "Missed." If successfully lured, the Cog will lean toward it. Either way, though, after the Cog is lured/it misses, the Toon that used it will pull it back, and if the Cog lured it will play the lured cog animation.


  • This gag is very similar to the $1 Bill and $5 Bill.
    • The only differences are the number of rounds the Cog stays lured, the number on the Bill and the accuracy.
    • It is a two-part gag, meaning the damage depends on the gag used with it.
  • It has the same accuracy as the Hypno Goggles.
  • During Christmas time, $10 Bills are red-wrapped presents.


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